Population Health: cancer prevention and early detection

Led by: Professor Annie Anderson – Professor of Public Health Nutrition, Dundee Centre for Research into Cancer Prevention and Screening


Dr Rebecca Beeken – Yorkshire Cancer Research University Academic Fellow, University of Leeds

Professor Janet Cade – Professor of Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Leeds

Professor Amanda Cross – Professor in Cancer Epidemiology, Imperial College London

Professor Richard Martin – Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, University of Bristol, Bristol BRC

Dr Giota Mitrou – Director of Research Funding & Science External Relations, WCRF

Professor Elio Riboli – Chair in Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention, Imperial College London 

Professor John Saxton – Professor in Clinical Exercise Physiology, Northumbria University

Professor Andrew Renehan – Professor of Cancer Studies and Surgery, University of Manchester; Honorary Consultant Colorectal Surgeon


Population health research work stream - Phase III research strategy


On Saturday 27th April 2019, the NIHR Cancer and Nutrition Collaboration held a satellite to the European Congress on Obesity which set out to explore issues about future research on obesity and cancer occurrence (primary prevention) and recurrence (cancer survivorship) with a focus on intervention trials. It was hosted by The Centre for Research Into cancer Prevention and Screening (CRIPS), University of Dundee and chaired by Prof Bob Steele (Dundee) and Prof Elio Riboli (Imperial College) aided by Professor Andrew Renehan (University of Manchester).

Key issues that arose from discussions:

  • Can we realistically consider weight loss trials for primary and or secondary prevention?
  • How can we best explore causal association and reversibility?
  • Who should our target population include and exclude?
  • Can we develop and deliver the ‘right’ intervention?
  • What is the optimal timing for intervention and length of duration?
  • What are the most clinically relevant disease outcomes that can be realistically measured?

The report of the meeting is available here: Action on weight management in cancer – meeting report


The presentations of the speakers are available here:

K Allen satellite meeting

R Martin Part 1

R Martin Part 2

A Anderson satellite meeting

F Sniehotta L Rehackova part 1

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A Cross satellite meeting

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John Saxton part 1

John Saxton part 2

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