Patient and Public Involvement Reference Panel

By listening to the opinions of patients and the public and giving them a voice, this work seeks to improve information provision to patients and fill clearly identified gaps in nutrition and cancer care.

We are currently recruiting for a new PPI Chair, please contact us on  to apply. The role description can be found here.


Kate Allen – Executive Director, Science and Public Affairs, WCRF UK

Jacqui Gath – PPI Advocate, ICPV

Rebecca Harmston

Victoria Iyamide Nnatuanya – Public Health Nutritionist, NCRI Consumer Forum

Natasha Jones – Specialist Dietitian in Haematology and Palliative Care, Cambridge NHS Addenbrookes

Ann Russell – PPI Advocate – NCRI Consumer Forum; NCRI Primary Care CSG; Colorectal CSG sub group

Sophia Turner – PPI Advocate, Management Consultant KPMG

Information Provision and Communication with Cancer Patients and the Public - Work Stream Action Plan: Click to Download