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In the second phase, the Collaboration is working with relevant stakeholders to identify the key research opportunities and priorities across the NIHR infrastructure, and explore opportunities for prosecuting an appropriate research agenda for the short, medium and long term.


The work will be divided into four streams

  1. Information provision and communication with cancer patients and the public
  2. Creating a skilled community of practice
  3. Identifying major research priorities
  4. Characterising nutritional status in cancer

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Work stream 1
By listening to the opinions of patients and the public and giving them a voice, this work seeks to improve information provision to patients and fill clearly identified gaps in nutrition and cancer care.

Work stream 2
This work streams aims to establish better working relations between professional groups and to encourage and facilitate information sharing between the cancer and nutrition communities

Work stream 3
The third work stream will design a framework to improve public and patient-centred, nutritional research across the NIHR infrastructure for the prevention, management and palliation of cancer.

Work stream 4
The team at the NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research centre is preparing a proposal for a minimum toolbox of nutritional assessments for use in routine practice, and expanded options for more specialist application, which will be made available for clinicians, the research community and the wider NIHR infrastructure.

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Current activities

The four work streams are currently in their infancy. The collaboration is establishing working groups for each one and defining details terms of reference for each group. Please revisit the site in the coming months to see how these have progressed.

Work to date and outputs

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Organisations involved

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Joining the initiative

If you would like to get involved with one of the four work streams, please contact us Contact us here.

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Funding calls

Information & News

Publications & Documents

  • Full report of phase 1
  • Short report of phase 1
  • Resources from WCRF


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Professional organisations –
Association for Nutrition
Britisih Dietetic Association
Nutrition Society